Search is a part of all ecommerce websites and an unknowingly important tool for improving the conversion rates by almost double. This often ignore feature by ecommerce website developers can be effectively used in the following way:

  1. Make it prominent: Make the search box stand out and show put it on all pages of the website. Think how websites like google, amazon, ebay etc., do it. Customers mostly use the search features either to find exactly what they came to buy or products related to the keyword.
  2. Exact search with autocomplete: There are customers who come to the site searching for something specific. They know what they want to buy and want to avoid looking through that product by browsing various pages/categories. So program the search to find that exact word and also show them suggestions using autocomplete to help them.
  3. Use Filters: Once the customer has searched for a keyword, allow the search results to be sorted by providing filters for price, availability etc., (whatever is apt for the type of products that you are selling on your website). Filters help in narrowing down and arranging a large searched data for the users.
  4. Use Search data effectively: Using analytics find the search pattern being used by your customers and the most popular searches. Using this data arrange your products – highlight the ones more prominently with special landing pages that the users are search for more. Work on your categories and site structure if the users are first browsing and not finding products easily using search.