In ecommerce websites, blog can be used as an important tool to generate sales, build trust and promote brand. It is the section of the website that can have the maximum content that is regularly updated. Helpful blog posts/articles that provide your target customers useful information related to your product and industry can be posted. Despite being such a useful marketing tool, an ecommerce website development company may not suggest this to their customer in the first place.

A regularly updated Blog would help in many ways:

Search Engine Rankings: Search engines like google give value to websites that update on a regular basis with useful and well written content. Its crawlers record the frequency at which the content on a website is being updated and further crawls the site based on that. So if you are posting blog posts almost everyday , then over the period of time search engine crawlers will crawl your site almost on a daily basis. This will give benefit in terms of rankings on search result as well as traffic to your website.

Establishing you as a leader:  Leaders lead the crowd through communication – by showing they know more than others. Once you publish content that keeps customers up-to-date on latest trends in your industry, analysis, on what is new etc., you get established as a leader in your industry. Users bookmark your helpful posts, subscribe to receive recent updates and come back to your website/blog to read what’s new. It in turn helps in improving the sales.

More referrals: When people bookmark your posts and content and share with others, they directly and indirectly send referrals for your business to buy your good and services. This strategy is purely organic and you don’t need to use any marketing tactics to motivate existing customers.

Forever a buzz on social media: Online marketers and ecommerce development companies try various techniques to create a buzz about their products or services on popular Social Media. When you have users sharing your blogs on social media, it automatically creates a buzz with people sharing, liking and commenting.