Emails form an integral part of an online shopping experience. They are send out at various action points such as when registering on the site for the first time, making a purchase, signing up for newsletters, abandoning shopping carts, signing up for discounts etc., Most often the ecommerce website developers only focus on the content of the email and do not give so much importance to the look. They are happy with a simple look with just notification text, branding and a clean layout. However what if the emails have a really interesting design that would want the customer to stay for a few seconds and go to the site to explore. Here is what will make it really interesting:

  • It should be enjoyable (For example how a product would look in different colors)
  • It should be unique (Not like the typical emails that we get)
  • It should explain a concept (Like how a product can work)
  • It should show the related products that the user can consider based on the previous purchased, items that were in the abandoned cart etc.,

All the above can be done using images, videos and animated gifs.  However this should be done very carefully so as not to annoy the customer.

Some good examples:

The below example shows a bag in different colors. The user who gets a newsletter in email introducing a new product line with the following type of image would more likely click on the link to go to the website to explore.

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A good example of an email that can come when the shopping cart has been abandoned below. It shows what exactly was the product (with the actual product image). This instead of just having the name of the product written would be definitely more impactful.
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