Since Pinterest’s launch back in 2010, it has become a very popular networking platform for sharing ideas. It is a platform where users can Pin or save images they like and create their groups or clusters and share with their network. There are various ways Pinterest can be used by ecommerce website developers to  promote their  ecommerce websites, products and services:

  • Quality of images: Since Pinterest revolves around posting and sharing images, quality and theme of an image plays a very important role in how popular it would become. Images that are high resolution, clear, enticing and have a theme engage users more. For example for a dog shampoo, picture of a dog before and after, owners reaction to the floral smell from the dog and less hairfall on the sofa would people make dog owners understand what the shampoo does and this would motivate them to try it on their dogs too and share with other dog owners in their network. Have your ecommerce website development company create pages that have more of such images on the pages that the users would land on from interest to keep them engaged.
  • Frequency of Pins: Being regular with posting Pins is the key to be noticed and have a following of other users. When you post useful and entertaining images as Pins, people wait for you to post more and you must keep the trend on to keep users engaged.
  • Reach out to the Influencers: Every Industry has their own influencers that people connect to and watch out for their Pins regularly. Try to get in the reach of these Influencers by engaging with them and also referring them in your related tweets. Once you connect with Influencers their fan following will also start noticing you and your products and services.
  • Think long term: Pins stay longer than posts in any other social media platform. People get on Pinterest to search for ideas – it could be ideas for anything like wedding gowns, cakes, crafts etc.,Keeping that in mind Pin images that would someday be searched for and found by a perspective customer who would be lead to your website.