User generated content reveals the popularity of a brand – how important and liked it is. This can be used in email marketing in creating more impact to improve revenue, trust and connect with users at a different level. In a recent survey it was found that user generated content resulted in 2 to 3 times higher conversion rate and more than 40% click through rate.

It is a great opportunity to let users do all the talking of your product as your brand advocates. They can explain the features of your products and services much better than you can do.

Here is how user generated campaign can make email marketing more effective:

Build Trust: A business that has the trust of its customers, scores big time as doubt is one of the biggest hindrance in any buying decision. When other speak for your, it creates confidence among potential customers who feel they can trust you as well. It greatly helps in ‘humanizing’ a brand.

When user generated content is used in email campaigns, it gives a good idea to users how you can server their needs. Marketing research has shown that almost 80% users prefer emails to receive marketing information. They can access emails on their computers, tablets and phone on the go. It gives genuine testimonials to your potential customers.

To make it look genuine, ecommerce website developers can post the name of the user with a thumbnail that links to the web page where the content is.

Contests: Creating user generated content by engaging users via hosting free contests that have a chance to get free gifts can be a great marketing effort. People who have won the contests and tried the products/services can be asked to explain their experience in a video or in a  few lines. These types of initiatives help in creating buzz and excitement.

Contact a professional ecommerce website development company to help you create a marketing strategy with user generated content and email marketing.