Small things create a bigger picture. No matter how small each element may be, it cannot be undermined. And one of the most important element in conversion is graphics that consists of pictures, icons, illustrations, etc., Using various research techniques , online marketers created studies that showed how small changes in the graphics of a page can greatly impact the conversion rate of the page.

These small changes that ecommerce website developers can easily make are like the ones mentioned below:

  • Direction of the picture: If you have a picture of a person on your web page that is looking at some text or pointing towards a form or a text – that would cause the web users to look more towards that So avoid having images of people looking away or having their backs towards your call to actions.
    Also if you choose to use a person’s image choose those that look straight at the user rather than look away as that instills more trust in the onlooker towards your brand – this is an important aspect of human psychology that has been researched by psychologists over years.

Having arrows pointing towards call to actions also help users to follow the direction of the arrow and do what the site owner wants them to do.

  • Pictures that show the products in various angles lead to lower bounce rates and higher conversions. It gives the web users a better idea of how that product looked like from all angles. Many furnishing ecommerce websites use the 360 degree vew to show to the user how the product will show from all angles.