On a website, there is nothing more annoying than a non user friendly form that is long, confusing, messy and filling it up is a nothing less than a dreadful experience. Bad forms drive visitors from websites who had almost turned into customers. So their impact is quiet damageable. Here are some pitfalls that ecommerce website developers can avoid.

Annoying Password Validations: There are sites that ask you to enter passwords that have a certain strength such as should start with a caps, should have atleast one special character, cannot end with a number etc., Consider that usually customers are asked to re enter their chosen password again to validate, this can be a very frustrating experience. Allow the users to type in whatever they want. It is a good practice to show to the user if their password is strong or weak to leave the decision to them.

Formatting Issues: Most forms insist the users enter data in a certain format only . Like for example inputting the dates. When you submit the form you are shown a error message and asked to fix the format. Instead of that using calendar is a better idea.

Asking to re validate information: Asking the user to re enter mobile no. or email id is annoying. Online users already have a short attention span and if you ask them to re enter information, that can drive them away.

Character Limit: Fields that ask the user to type in info such as your inquiry etc., that have a minimum characters can be annoying as well. They users should be allowed to type in three or four words if they wish to.

No clear error messages: Many forms show error messages that do not indicate which field has a problem. Rather they state that the form is not clearly indicated. The fields should be clearly hiighlighted that have been missed out or wrongly filled.

Also one really annoying feature that many forms even now have is that they wipe out the entire data that the user has submitted. The form should still hold/save the data and only show the validation message.

No clear submission message: It is important to show a clear confirmation message to the user and advise them of what the next step would be. Something like: ‘Your registration is complete. Please log in to your account to do the next steps.’