Web design can be difficult as it’s not about how good it looks, but you should also make it easy to use. Websites that are not well designed and provide poor experience to user can hurt you with high bounce rate, low conversion rate and loss in business.  It’s important to understand the characteristics of good design that can make or break effectiveness of your online investment. Here are some key elements of a well designed website:

Visual Appearance: A good website must be visually professional, appealing and simple. Keep in mind, your website is reflecting your business, products and services. It may be your first impression on your customers. Your goal is to generate a positive impression and keep visitors on website. Good use of color, easy to read text and quality photography can make your website easy to navigate.

Typography: Text is most important element of your website. Remember that your audience is looking for information that will help them make a decision, so content on your website must be informative and relevant. It’s important to consider elements like font size, spacing, line length, font color, paragraphing etc.

Navigation: Every component of your website should work quickly and correctly. Your site must be easy to read, navigate and understand. Navigation means to direct user where you are now and where to go next.  Some key navigation element includes:

  • Keep your site simple and organized
  • Fast load pages
  • Create links to minimize need of page scroll
  • Use a consistent layout
  • Use long text along with links

Functionality: Make sure all component of your website is working properly because broken or poor constructed components can frustrate your visitors.  Everything should work properly including links, search box, forms etc.

Importance of well designed website

Website is now compulsory for every small to large businesses. A well designed website is known as a valuable investment.  Following are some advantages of having a well designed website:

  • Highlight your expertise with ease
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Benefit in seo
  • Reduce your maintenance time
  • Better first impression on visitors
  • Better way to  provide effective communication
  • Reduces other promotional cost
  • Provides time saving experience to customers

These are only few advantages we explain in this post, I am sure you could think of other advantages to a well designed site. Please feel free to suggest them in the comments below.

(Vantage Webtech)