As ecommerce website developers, it is essential to make your E-commerce website attractive for customers. You won’t succeed unless you can attract customers to your E-commerce website. Acquiring customers for an on-line business may be difficult and time consuming process .Below we listed most effective ways to make it easy to gets lots of visitors.

Use a Responsive E-commerce Site: Now days, customers are using mobiles, tablets, iphones etc. for on-line shopping. Your ecommerce development solutions need to reach your customers on all devices, if you don’t then you are losing customers and that means low ROI.  You can also provide them mobile app to feel them comfortable with you. If you are using responsive website, it will also reduces your bounce rate and benefit you with high search engine ranking. Make sure you are using a website design which can be easily accessed from all these devices.

Make Your Website Beautiful: Your website is like a representation of your business and products. That’s why it has to be beautiful and professional if you really want to attract customers. You have to be aware that a user’s purchase decision is usually made just within first 5 second on your website. So make your store beautiful and easy to use as a beautiful store is always considered more reliable and trustworthy.

Post Regularly On Social Media Channels: Social media channels are one of free promotion tools. Post regularly on your social accounts it can increase your brand value among customers.  So, social media is a great marketing channel at no financial expense.

  • Facebook: May be your customer’s want you follow on facebook. You should create your business page on facebook, engage customers and catch their attention.
  • Google Plus: Create a google plus page for your business it’s free.
  • Twitter: Start twitting on twitter. Its simplicity makes it one of most effective ways to engage with your targeted audience. You can also use twitter card for advertising purpose.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the office block of internet. After setup your business profile on LinkedIn, you have an opportunity to make a link with other companies, suppliers, related websites and people.
  • Pinterest: Create a pinterest page and enable rich pins to your account.
  • Blogger: Use blogging as a brand awareness tool. It can provide you quality back links and targeted traffic.

Prepare Email List For Marketing: Building up an email list for marketing is important. It is effective solution to attract customers and make repeat sales from your customers. Some of most common email ideas are:

  • Emails about new products
  • Mails about promos and offers
  • Recommend similar product after customer made a purchase
  • Send email to those client’s who haven’t been active since a long while with discount coupons to  make them revisit your website

Ecommerce website developers don’t just need traffic. They need visitors that convert into customers and subscribers. An email list will help you achieve that and allow you to work on your subscribers and drive sales with them.

Huge traffic generation is a continuous struggle for most E-commerce websites. You cannot simply rely on SEO and then sit back and wait for results. You need to create high quality content about products and offer discounts and promos to attract new visitors, convert them into email subscribers and then into paid customers.

(Vantage Webtech)