Typography is known as an art and technique, which is used to arrange text on a website. You can say typography is a combination of font, size, spaces and color. Quality typography can increase written communication of your web page. Typography allows you to increase you conversion rate easily and impress website visitors with words & design. It is your duty to put maximum effort to complete the typographical points in your website designs.

Tips to maintain good typography on a website:

  • Font Size: Small fonts are hard to read on lower resolution screens. Make sure you are using a font size that is easy to read on any screen resolution.
  • Titles and Subtitles: Use titles and sub headings for your content. It makes it easy to understand for visitors.
  • Avoid use of justified text as it can lead bad white spacing on your page.
  • Color: Use high contrast colors for text.
  • Length: A very long or short line may be distracting. For optimum readability you need to keep length of text between 40-80 characters, including spaces.
  • Simple: Use simple fonts on website if you are not much experienced in web design. Because only an expert web designer can use variety of fonts effectively.

Importance of typography in web design

Typography is very useful in web design; you can use it as a tool for improving users experience and usability of your website or either can allow them to focus on your content. Good typography design guides people and introduce your products/ service with amazing content on your website. Whenever people your website, there are chances they will immediately look at the text. That’s why it’s important to use good typography design techniques.

These reasons are why typography is so important. If text used in a design is too small, too cramped and it irritates the viewer, then definitely such kind of webpage won’t get a second chance to get attention of visitor.


(Vantage Webtech)