Now a day’s WordPress is most known CMS. At very earlier WordPress just known as a blogging system, but at present well known and used as a CMS with thousands of plugins and widgets. It is open source software that’s why people love to use it for creating websites. Updating WordPress to latest version is easy, you just need to click update button. With WordPress website you need to update three areas: the actual WordPress application, themes and plugins. But be careful, because sometime updates don’t go as well as planned. You need to restore previous version in such situation, so always keep backup before updating anything on your website.

Why it’s essential to update WordPress websites regularly?

Many business owner may think that why should they update their wordpress website when it is working fine. But think that you don’t have to do anything onerous, only a couple of minutes and few clicks of mouse are enough to keep your CMS up-to-date. New updates contain more efficient codes and features which will surely help you to improve the speed and performance of your site. It can also simplify the process/way you add data to your site.

Advantages of updating website regularly

  • It makes websites more secure: Regularly updated sites can’t be hacked easily then compared to websites which are not upgraded. So it’s best to upgrade your WordPress website as soon as a security fix is released.
  • Compatibility with new plugins: Day by day WordPress community providing new plugins to its customers. If you are installing a brand new plugin, then you need to update WordPress version also because older version may not be compatible with new plugins and its features.
  • New Features: Each time wordpress provide any update, it means they are providing you new feature/shortcut to make your CMS easy for you. If you update wordpress website regularly then you can take benefit of these features.

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